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No-Fail Perennials of the Northeast

No-Fail Perennials of the Northeast

We can help you pick the right plants for your home or office for a landscape that's filled with color from spring into fall! These old-fashioned favorites are among the easiest to grow in the Northeast.

Beloved for handsome foliage and dense, colorful plumes of flowers, astilbe blooms in shades of pink, red, white, and lavender in early summer. Many selections have bronzy foliage, too.

This versatile, sun-loving perennial blooms through the summer in blue, purple, pink, or white spikes.

Perfect plants for any bed or border, ornamental grasses offer four-season interest. Miscanthus (sometimes called maiden grass) is among the easiest to grow. We love the types that have silver-variegated foliage -- it creates a more delicate appearance in the landscape.

Blue Star
This extra-easy growing perennial takes heat and drought well, isn't bothered by deer or rabbits, and offers beautiful blue flowers in spring. It offers an extra bonus: The foliage turns golden yellow before dropping in fall.

Coral Bells
This slowly spreading plant is a hummingbird magnet; it produces spikes of bright red, pink, or white flowers in late spring and early summer. Many varieties have fantastic foliage overlaid in shades of silver, burgundy, bronze, plum, and gold, too.

Old-Fashioned Bleeding Heart
This long-lived perennial offers beautiful, arching spikes of pink, heart-shape flowers in spring. The soft-textured foliage is gorgeous, too.